NCBI Philadelphia

National Coalition Building Institute. Developing Leaders. Ending Mistreatment. Strengthening Communities.

NCBI Philadelphia seeks to end the mistreatment of all groups through training leaders in the skills of reducing prejudice, resolving conflicts between groups, and building coalitions. We are a local nonprofit chapter of NCBI International.

We work as a resource team, offering training programs to deal with prejudice and to face and resolve tensions between groups before they grow big. The leadership team also intervenes when community conflicts arise, using NCBI tools to work through tough, polarizing issues.

What does it take to eliminate prejudice and reduce conflict?


        Re- prefix meaning “again; anew”

       -Spectus suffix meaning “look”

   RESPECT – to Look Again

We work with all kinds of organizations, including community groups, schools, non-profit agencies, religious congregations and businesses. Check out one of our periodic open workshops, or contact us about working directly with your organization.